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2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Road Test

Mitsubishi Lancer
but not as sexy" looking twin. The aforementioned style elements are applied with a great deal of understanding of that line between sporty and silly. The Ralliart doesn't look overstyled. From no angle does it look overdone or flamboyant. Rather, it simply looks like a reminder of why so many fell in love with Japanese compact sedans in the first place. On top are a sunroof and an Alfalfa-antenna which feeds tunes into the optional stereo my tester featured, with its in-dash 6-CD changer and built-in subwoofer. There are even 16-inch wheels, though the folks at Mitsubishi fitted my tester with a set of Nexen snow tires on steel rims to keep me and their ride intact.

The rear end is squat, with a large window overlooking a fairly short trunk. The windows are tall on the sides too, as is the windshield. The Lancer isn't trying to hide its sedan-ness by having a high beltline and short windows. I find the styling to be well laid out and distinct in most respects, charming in that Mitsubishi kind of way.

Hop inside and you'll immediately notice the well-bolstered and supportive seats, trimmed in a red and black mesh in the center with softer material making up the outer portions. There are several adjustments for the driver seat, offering an optimal driving position while looking out over the low dashboard through the tall windshield. Logging no less than 12 highway hours in my testers means I can tell you with relative certainty that you won't find better seats in this price range. I mentioned about the tall windows all around you--this translates into a great deal of visibility from within the car and minimal blind spots. I got to thinking, if you had to travel a fair bit, to and from school, work or in and out of town, this car will make a fantastic companion. No highway road trip should be without a sunroof and reasonably powerful stereo, and the Ralliart delivers here.


2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Road Test
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